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C5I as an Operational Force Multiplier

The Israeli International C5I (Command and Control, Computers, Communications, Cyber ​and Intelligence) Conference and Exhibition is the major International event in the subject ​held in Israel, a leader in defense C5I throughout the world.
The purpose of the conference: sharing knowledge and the exchange of ideas in R&D, and the acquisition and operation of modern defense C5I systems towards increasing operational effectiveness. The Israeli defense industry's cutting-edge innovation, technologies and capabilities shall be presented and discussed in the conference and exhibition- capabilities that are a multiplier of operational effectiveness in the battlefield.
Key topics to be discussed at the event are C2 (Command and Control) solutions and technologies, advanced tactical communications, cyber security and cybernetic warfare, persistent aerial surveillance and integrated warfare, closing the fire-to-shooter loop, information handling (gathering, analysis and distribution), and "Big Data" information fusion.
The target audience: decision makers in militaries and defense establishments around the world, campaign designers, force operators and builders, R&D engineers and project managers from defense establishment and defense industries from Israel and from around the world.
Delegations and visitors shall be attending from Israel and abroad, led by leading IDF C4I officers from all directorates and forces, military foreign attaches, J6 delegations and defense industries of various countries. 
A strong emphasis will be placed on lessons learned and the shared experience of all conference attendees, experienced in assimilating C4I systems to fighting forces. Discussions will be held regarding the impact of C4I systems on doctrine, military 'business process’, logistics, human-resources, training and more. 
Conference Program Chairman - Brig. Gen. (Res.) Yehoo Even-Zahav, President of Provision C4I
  • Tactical and Strategic C5I Technologies and Capabilities.
  • The IDF C4I Directorate – A 10 year tribute.
  • Insights and lessons learned - effective assimilation of C5I capabilities as an operational force multiplier.

Why participate:

  • See the most advanced systems and cutting-edge technologies
  • Meet decision-makers, major defense contractors and technology providers from around the world
  • Meet and experience lessons learned by IDF generals and commanders for all directorates and forces
  • Meet companies all along the C5I "food chain" – Applications, Networks, Cyber, Information Assurance, Radio and Communications, Integration and Testing, Support and Assimilation

Who is attending:

  • End-users
  • Solution Providers
  • Developers
  • Consultants
  • Services Providers